Uncategorized May 13, 2021

REALTOR® Sharon Chambers-Gordon Featured in KUOW’s Segment on Buying a Home in Seattle & Tacoma

In this “Seattle Now” radio segment on KUOW, Windermere Professional Partners REALTOR® Sharon Chambers-Gordon is interviewed about her experience helping her buyer clients purchase a home in Tacoma. Sharon’s interview is featured alongside an interview with Seattle Times reporter Heidi Groover who has been reporting on Seattle’s current housing market.

You can tune into the complete KUOW segment here:

Home buyers are up against several challenges right now. There are simply not enough homes to meet the demand, and this means that most homes receive several competing offers. According to the interview with Heidi Groover, buyers not only need more money to compete, but they need to have a good understanding of the buying process and protections they might be asked to waive. They need to have the ability to quickly make decisions.

The real estate market in Seattle is highly competitive right now, but so are neighboring city’s markets, like Tacoma. Tacoma Real Estate Agent Sharon Chambers-Gordon shares her own experience of helping her buyer clients bid on a Craftsman home in Tacoma. Her buyers offered $100,000 over the listing price (yes, you read that correctly) and her buyers still didn’t win. Sharon reached out to the listing agent to ask if her clients could be the backup offer, but the agent explained they already had a backup offer, and it was all cash.

Buying a home right now is definitely a challenge, but it is still possible. If you have a question about buying a home in Tacoma, REALTOR® Sharon Chambers-Gordon is happy to chat! You can call/text her at 253) 970-4049, email her at scgordon@windermere.com, or get in touch with her via this contact form.